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Niacin - The Original Vit-*Amine*
The Enzyme-Building Hack in The Stack

Niacin Especially Builds Mitochondrial Enzyme NAD.
Niacin is involved in over 400 NAD(P)-dependent reactions.

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Metabolic Magic Testimonies!

MetabolicMagick: Testimonials

Day 3 on MM - Just took 3rd x 1/2 tsp dose of the day after doing a 4 mile walk. No flush... took with CBD and I'm floating and nothing is wrong or unbalanced. Whoa....what have we got here?? :D

Intake today has been 64 oz of green juice and 3 cups of dandelion/chicory tea only. No signs of hunger at all! Hunger literally shut down while typing this to you. I was looking forward to that watermelon but I'm good.

Ken Newbill