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Amazing way To Take Herbs!

Mix the Herbs with...
0.5 tsp Grass-Fed Ghee
1 tsp Raw Local Honey

See this video with CC for important safety info:

Honey and ghee are often combined, creating a powerful rejuvenative that can serve as a tonic for all of the tissues in the body.

According to Ayurveda, honey is incompatible with ghee in equal amounts by weight, not volume.
Honey is literally heavier than ghee. One teaspoon of raw honey weighs as much as three teaspoons of ghee.

This is what not to do: combine 1 teaspoon of honey with three teaspoons of ghee. These proportions are said to aggravate the stomach and skin.13.

Instead, combine your honey and ghee in equal amounts by volume. Or heavier on the honey as I like to do. For example, take one teaspoon of honey with one half teaspoon of ghee. This will provide a safe, nourishing, and lubricating carrier substance.

This is another often unknown honey rule that has been generously shared with us from the ancient rishis of Ayurveda.  It is clearly stated in the classical Ayurvedic texts that taking ghee with honey in equal proportions by weight (e.g. 1 gram of honey to 1 gram of ghee) transforms them from healing substances to congestive toxic sludge as they go through the digestive process. 

Since honey is naturally heavier in weight than ghee, taking ghee and honey in equal proportion by volume (e.g. 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of ghee) will ensure the weights are unequal and the combination is safe to take in.  If you are taking more ghee with less honey however, you will likely need to get a weight before consuming this mixture to avoid creating potential toxicity. 

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