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Organic / Bio-Available / Living Mineral Salts

The Deepest Nutrition


#3 Green Salt

Dehydrated Sea Asparagus

#2 Metanoia&Co Shilajit

Other Shilajit brand fulvic acid components are usually 20-40% but Metanoia&Co. Shilajit contains over 82%.

Shilajit is an organic substance (just like you!), safe to utilize daily, and will offer uniquely deep cellular healing to ALL

50g --- $49 free shipping
(100 serving of 250mg twice a day or 50 serving of 500mg twice daily, will last one person 2.5-3.5 months daily use)

80g --- $69 free shipping

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#1 Ibiza y Formentera Marine Plasma

Plankton Rich Vortex transforms non bioavailable minerals into bioavailable minerals that are fully comparable to our body, through a process called marine biocenosis. This seawater is called MARINE PLASMA.

Ibiza & Formentera Seawater is STRUCTURED Seawater.

Size 750ml

Per the manufacture, "The maximum recommended dose per person per day is 50 ml (except in certain cases, consult your doctor or health professional)." For more information visit their site Ibiza & Formentera - Marine Plasma.

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Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

  1. PUFA or Polyunsaturated fat, is intensely toxic. Saturated Fat detoxes and protects against PUFA damage. PUFA oxidizes/goes rancid easily creating toxic breakdown products. Saturated fat doesn't go rancid...

  2. Cholesterol is a backbone for Hormones! It makes up massive parts of your body.

  3. Ghee, Salt Free Grass Fed Butter, Raw Milk. All fantastic if used intuitively.

  4. Check the "Herbs" page for how to use Ghee with herbs.

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Why You May Need More Carbs in Your Diet

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