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Distance Healing ~ The Truth of The Aether;

The One
Dielectric Medium ~ Qualitative ~ Non-Quantifiable ~ Non-Linear ~ Non-Local

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Local Aether Energy

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#1 Blushield

High Powered Scalar Energy
Natural Frequency Patterns
Nothing Warms a Room Like Blushield

Your body will "tune-in" to Blushield and "tune-out" non-native EMF.

Click: Learn About Passive vs Active EMF Protection

A legit company that modulates the transverse EMF itself. Generally a less powerful modality than scalar, but the only really good option I've found for this dimension of protection. Also Hertzian has a Scalar component. Change the Hertzian and change the Scalar.

Holographic Non-Native Emf Harmonization

Devil Prana into Jesus Juice


#3 EMF Rocks

BEST FOR SLEEP (Place Near Head)
Most impressive unpowered crystal I've found.
Crystals naturally give off scalar energy. This one is powerful.
Repel EMF



#4 Somavedic


#5 Smart Meter Covers

Smart Meter Safety

I think it’s worth it to cover those smart meters if you live right next to it. I don't mean to fear monger, and scalar is literally more powerful than these normal emfs… but those smart meters man…. you can feel that incoherence so clearly. So i still keep this cover on my list, but at the bottom of my suggestions.

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