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Distance Healing Services
The true source of healing energy is from The Aether,

a unified medium with many expressions.

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Local Aether Energy

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The only legit company that modulates the transverse EMF itself. Generally a less powerful modality than scalar, but the only really good option for this dimension of protection.

Holographic Non-Native Emf Harmonization

Devil Prana into Jesus Juice

EMF Rocks

Most impressive unpowered crystal I've found.
Crystals naturally give off scalar energy. This one is powerful.
Repel EMF



Smart Meter Covers

Smart Meter Safety

I think it’s worth it to cover those smart meters if you live right next to it. I don't mean to fear monger, and scalar is literally more powerful than these normal emfs… but those smart meters man…. you can feel that incoherence so clearly. So i still keep this cover on my list, but at the bottom of my suggestions.

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