Wow!! Just spoke with him... said his left arm kept turning palm up and falling off the arm rest on the chair!... He's round up!! In a good way. Said just after his tx he drank some water and kind of fell asleep before he put cup down. He woke up feeling wet!

Patty G regarding her Father

For years I have dealt with chronic discomfort/pain in L4-L5, SI joint, right foot drop.  This causes me major instability, inability to walk for great distance and standing for any length of time.  My friend shared about Matt's willingness to work with me long distance and I decided to give him a try.   A glass of water nearby and comfortably resting in bed awaiting my 30 minute session.   A special note is that when I lay down I always hear my heart beat in my right ear. This usually indicates  that my C-2 is out and a chiropractic adjustment is needed. NOTE: About half way through the 30 minute session the heart beat in my ear was gone! I began to feel a very deep warmth in my lower back at the L-4-L-5 area. With my eyes closed, I could see through my Third eye, splashes of color (seemed to be splashing at my eyes) in the colors of white, blue, purple and red.  I also saw a movement (like a flag waving), beginning on my left side temple area and then moving up to forehead and slowly moving to the right side of my forehead.

Carol From Ohio



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