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Energy, Water, Aether, In-formation

Energy: Welcome

Structure Your Water, Resonate With Life


Focused Life Force Energy

Imagine having an incoming higher-consciousness vibrational ENERGY that makes your space feel wonderful. FLFE is a leading-edge technology that activates a high-consciousness energy field (through quantum association). Powerful benefits include:

  • EMF Mitigation – Harmonize any consciousness-lowering EMFs emitted from devices.

  • Clearing Negative History – Remove residual negative energy from homes, objects, or phones.

  • Health & Wellness Support – More life-force energy for the body.

  • Anti-stagnation – Clear old, stagnant energies.

  • Plus, so much more!

Try it for FREE with no credit card!

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High Powered Scalar Energy
Natural Frequency Patterns

Your body will "tune-in" to Blushield

and "tune-out" non-native EMF

Click: Learn About Passive vs Active EMF Protection

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My Top Water Structuring Tool

Made by listening to nature.
Made with nature.
The "mother water" can structure and enhance all waters.


Holographic Non-Native Emf Harmonization

Devil Prana into Jesus Juice


EMF Rocks

Repel EMF



Affordable & convenient Homeopathy has arrived!
Turn a glass of water into a natural remedy
Transfer Infoceuticals Anywhere, Anytime - Personalized for You


Smart Meter Covers

Affiliate Link

Smart Meter Safety

I think it’s worth it to cover those smart meters if you live right next to it. I don't mean to fear monger, and scalar is literally more powerful than these normal emfs… but those smart meters man…. you can feel that incoherence so clearly. So i still keep this cover on my list, but at the bottom of my suggestions.

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